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A survey of the previous shows of Solastalgia and Interzone (exhibited at Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery 2018).

Artist Statement

The series Landmarks, produced between 2012 and 2018, shows the entanglement of nature, land, labour, industry and technology in Tasmania (Australia), as it is characterised by big hydro-electric power stations, dams, water reservoirs, penstocks, power pylons and lines, mining operations (tin, iron), etc. In this work I also focus on the remnants and ruins of the original infrastructure put in place to facilitate the work on dams and mines, including now abandoned or dismantled construction camps and villages, where, however, we can now witness the emergence of natural growth. I am especially interested in the way industry and infrastructure, roads and waterways, were built into the land and shaped it to create the unique historical and inhabited human landscape of Tasmania. As such, my work explores photographic possibilities outside the stale opposition between wilderness photography (Anselm Adams or Peter Dombrovskis) and new topography photography (Becher, Wenders).


Exhibited at Landscape Art Research Queenstown (LARQ) 2015.


Exhibited at Burnie Regional Art Gallery

Cityscapes: Hobart Colours and Melbourne

Black and White early works between 2001 and 2003

Industrial Cityscapes

Night Drives